Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Autostadt in Wolfsburg

** Late posting of Autostadt in Wolfsburg **

10 Juli 2014

Colleagues from work took me to Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Autostadt is very similar to BMW Welt in München. Autostadt literally means a car city and it has brands from VW, Audi, Porsche to Bugatti and Lamborghini (all these manufacturers are owned by Volkswagen Group).

My colleagues and I took a picture in front of the two towers. These two towers have VW cars that are about to be picked up by the customers.

I got to drive the E-Golf of VW! It is 100% electric and was surprisingly very smooth and quiet. I would seriously consider getting an electric vehicle if I had enough money.

I truly had fun in Autostadt.

This is the inside of those two towers from the first picture. We got to take the elevator inside the tower and  had a short tour of the tower.

P.S. Henrik, Christian und Jachim! Vielen Dank für schöne Zeit hier in Autostadt!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Copenhagen and World Cup

21 Juli 2014

When I was visiting Hamburg, someone I met there told me that Copenhagen was wonderful. So I flew myself to Copenhagen on July 12. Everyone spoke at least some English, so I had no trouble communicating with people there. I biked around the city and found many buildings that were old and colorful.

I think this part of the town was called Nyhavn. 
These buildings seem to explain a little bit of Danish design philosophy.

The weather was not so perfect, but I liked walking/biking in the rain for some reason. 

Also, Germany has won the 2014 Brazil World Cup!
Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Heidelberg - RISE Scholars Meeting

09 Juli 2014

There was a three-day meeting organized by DAAD, an academic program that connected me to the internship I now have. The meeting was held at a historical city of Heidelberg.

 It happened to be DAAD´s tenth anniversary this year. So we had out meeting at Alte Aula, an old lecture hall for the University of Heidelberg (the oldest University in Germany!). Many people came to welcome and congratulate us for being part of the program. There were about 300 RISE scholars.

After the officially planned programs, I took my mom to Altstadt. Like many southern cities, Heidelberg also had many old-looking homes and stores.

This is a view from Heidelberg Schloss (castle). After climbing up to the castle, we were both awed by such beautiful scenary. We talked about how Heidelberg was surrounded by mountains and had river running through the city, making it an excellent location for trade and protection from invasion. We both understood why Heidelberg was a hot tourist spot.

On a side note, I want to thank DAAD. It has done a superb job of organizing this meeting and connecting English speaking students to German PhD students so that we can benefit from this amazing international experience.