Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Autostadt in Wolfsburg

** Late posting of Autostadt in Wolfsburg **

10 Juli 2014

Colleagues from work took me to Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Autostadt is very similar to BMW Welt in München. Autostadt literally means a car city and it has brands from VW, Audi, Porsche to Bugatti and Lamborghini (all these manufacturers are owned by Volkswagen Group).

My colleagues and I took a picture in front of the two towers. These two towers have VW cars that are about to be picked up by the customers.

I got to drive the E-Golf of VW! It is 100% electric and was surprisingly very smooth and quiet. I would seriously consider getting an electric vehicle if I had enough money.

I truly had fun in Autostadt.

This is the inside of those two towers from the first picture. We got to take the elevator inside the tower and  had a short tour of the tower.

P.S. Henrik, Christian und Jachim! Vielen Dank für schöne Zeit hier in Autostadt!

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